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Moat Around Stylish New FBI Office Surprisingly Unobtrusive

When can a moat be the less-intrusive security option? In the case of the new Krueck + Sexton-designed FBI Headquarters in Miramar, surrounding the office space with a landscaping device best known for protecting castles actually makes sense. Government buildings such as these normally require bulky walls and bollards for protection in a post-Oklahoma City/9-11 environment, so encircling the crystalline structures with a channel cut into the restored wetlands adds the necessary layer of protection as well as scenic beauty. The end result is more campus than fortress. The General Services Administration's (GSA) Design Excellence program tapped the Chicago-based firm, known for the striking façade of the Spertus Institute, for the job, and it paid off. The handsome metal sunshade offers another winning exterior design that doubles as much-needed protection from the Florida sun, and the expanse of angular glass makes sure every employee is within 30 feet of natural light. It's not exactly the kind of government transparency we're asking for, but it's a start.

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