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The Bay Harbor Continental's Historic Designation Was Junked

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Photos via Miami Dade County Historic Preservation Office

In an 8-2 vote, Miami-Dade County Commissioners overwhelmingly stripped the Bay Harbor Continental, the first building in Bay Harbor Islands ever to be historically designated, of that designation. The architecturally powerful Continental, is notable for its "decorative railings, lush ornamentation, tray balconies, louver windows, original entry doors, decorative concrete blocks of various sizes used to provide visual interest, and exposed cantilevered exterior walkways, among other elements" according to the historic designation report. County historic preservation experts said it was "an excellent and exceptionally well-preserved example of MiMo architecture" designed by "a recognized master architect in South Florida", Charles McKirahan, reports the Daily Business Review.

Although the 1958 Continental was the first historically designated building in the city on any level, including local or national, county commissioners seemed to care more about the context in which it was designated (Was it fair to all parties involved? Were the owners pushing for designation trying to get out of a contract? etc.) than the historic worthiness itself. It will be replaced by luxury waterfront condos built by P3 Waterfront Investments and designed by Pininfarina.

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