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Contemporary Tower Will Replace Bay Harbor's Only Historically Designated Building Ever

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The Bay Harbor Continental, a MiMo co-op building on the north shore of Bay Harbor's East Island was historically designated by Miami-Dade County earlier this year. It was the first and only building ever designated in Bay Harbor, on any level. Then all the developer P3 Investments' lawyers and all their men got together and put Humpty Dumpty back together again appealed and that designation was overturned by the county commission. Calling it a win for "seniors and residents," and "the property rights of homeowners" the developer now plans to move forward on a brand new condo tower, which will have a brand new set of much wealthier homeowners that they sell the very expensive condos to.

Designed by Pininfarina, the firm that designs Ferraris and did two buildings with the Related Group (1100 Millicento and Beachwalk) the new building will have eight levels with 29 units ranging from two to four bedrooms each and a ninth, partially underground level for parking, according to designs submitted for permitting. A large pool will be on the roofdeck. Of course the architects are saying it's inspired by Bay Harbor's MiMo architecture, but really it looks more like... well, a Ferrari than anything else.

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