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Echo Brickell Replacing its Sharks with 'Alternate Marine Life'

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On June 23rd an Instagram account called aroundtheworldpix posted this rendering of the shark tank from the lobby of Echo Brickell, the superluxury condo tower going up in Brickell. It sparked public outrage with most people thinking the sharks in that tank would actually be that big, which obviously they wouldn't, and a girl in New Jersey named Erica Brown started a petition to stop it. She won. In a week the petition attracted over 9,000 signatures and a bit later they got Echo Brickell to change course, asking for public suggestions for more "alternate marine life" that would be "a more appropriate fit for our tank.". PETA's response (Oh, by the way, PETA had gotten involved by now) was "any animal trapped in a tank will suffer — and will probably die prematurely." According to Echo Brickell developer Ryan Shear, PETA suggested fake fish. "We want to put [real] fish and we don't find that to be a problem with most of the community."
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Echo Brickell

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