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Affordable Housing Within Miami's Glitzy Real Estate Market

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Kennedy Homes [Photo by Robin Hill]
Kennedy Homes [Photo by Robin Hill]

Some of the poorest Miamians spend over 60 percent of their household income on housing. "With one of the most expensive real-estate markets in the country, Miami is suffering from a major workforce housing crisis." says archicritic Alastair Gordon, who reminds us that for many of the greatest stars in modernist architecture designing public housing was not just a right of passage but a "defining challenge," a tradition that continues to today in Europe. Gordon explores Miami's few "shinning" examples of high quality architecture used to create great workforce and subsidized housing, including the work architect Margi Nothard at Glavovic Studio, who has designed the Kennedy Homes and Sailboat Bend Affordable Housing, and of architects Jason Chandler and William Hamilton Arthur IV in Miami.

· Architects in South Florida developing affordable housing models [Herald]