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Paramount Miami Worldcenter Selling 24 Penthouses

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UPDATE: We've heard from the Paramount MWC people and Michael Light is not officially with the project. Peggy Fucci is the exclusive broker. There are also twenty four penthouses, not thirty two.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter's penthouses haven't officially launched sales yet, but of course that doesn't mean you can't buy one. According to Realtor Michael Light, who is involved with the project, two of them have already been reserved, and if you want one of the other thirty, well he's your man. Yes, that's right, following the same 'more is more' ethos that has resulted in the building's acres and acres of amenities, Paramount will have thirty two penthouses, on levels 47-54. Rarified boutique luxury isn't their bag. The building is going for those who want to live large, by the dozen.

The units themselves, from 3,509 square feet to 4,087 square feet, are not huge, although they are still quite big and very nice, each with four bedrooms plus a windowless den that converts to a fifth, for the vampire in the family, and are almost exactly mirror images of each other. They have private elevator lobbies, large master bathrooms, generous closets, and big living spaces. With six floors of them, and four per floor, you can also combine them horizontally or vertically, or however you like. Since they technically haven't launched, well, prices aren't available yet.

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Paramount Miami Worldcenter

1010 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33132