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The Most & Least Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent in Miami

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Real estate listings website Zumper has released a map of the most and least expensive neighborhoods to rent in Miami, showing the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in every neighborhood from Miami Shores ($1,245/month) to the southern tip of Coral Gables. (rent $1,480/month) Prices are, predictably, highest in the urban core, South Beach, (hovering around $2,000/month) and of course Fisher Island ($4,800/month), which in this map is inexplicably connected to South Point.

Least expensive were neighborhoods such as Little Haiti, Liberty City, and Brownsville, all significantly under $1,000 a month. El Portal, which is quite nice, is surprisingly affordable too ($960/month) but it's so small that the selection might be a bit lacking. According to the Zumper: "The Miami rental market has risen steadily over the past few months, with asking rents increasing 1.6% in June and 7.4% in the past quarter. Such changes have now positioned the city in a tie for the 6th most expensive market in the country alongside Chicago, with a median of $1,880 for a one bedroom apartment."

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