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Why is Brickell's Incredible Moroccan PH Still Available?

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The exotic, richly decorated Moroccan penthouse atop Brickell's Palace Condominium has been on and off the market since 2012. Over the years it has slowly lowered its price from $4.2 million to, currently, $2.9 million for the almost-6,000 square foot aerie that combines incredible Arabic and Islamic architectural splendor with early 1980s Arquitectonica-designed postmodernism. The last pricechop happened just this month, when the price was again lowered, from $3.2 million, and the unit was listed with a new broker, Nancy Batchelor. Built in 1981, the three-level apartment was originally intended for Harry and Leona Helmsley, the 1980s icon known as the 'Queen of Mean,' although they sold it to a Saudi Sheik Al-Shaalan without ever taking up residence. The Sheik transformed it into what you see today with the help of twenty seven Moroccan craftsmen. He would then sell it to an antiques collector who would fill it with the furniture, art, and antique weaponry that remain in the unit today.

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Palace Condominium

1451 Brickell Avenue, Miami, Florida