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Florida Could Easily be Powered on 100% Renewable Energy

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With the current, and ridiculous, regulatory hurdles to implementing solar power, it's hard to imagine Florida embracing solar power anytime soon. But think about just how absurd that is. The second sunniest state in the country, after Arizona, all that sunlight is just going to waste when Florida could easily run on entirely reusable energy, including the electrification of everything that now runs entirely or partially on fossil fuels, like transportation, heating/cooling., and industry, with the lion's share of that energy—79 percent!—coming from solar. Utility solar photovoltaic plants, which could account for 42.7% of that usage, are "as cheap as natural gas" says Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson, who led a group of researchers who determined that it's "technically and economically feasible" to run Florida on 100 percent renewables and is on the board of The Solutions Project, which is advocating for a nationwide conversion to clean energy. The rest of the energy would come from wind power (about 20%) and wave devices (about 1%).

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