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Finally, David Beckham's Stadium Will Go Next to Marlins Park

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Stop everything. David Beckham is about to begin negotiations with the City of Miami to build his Major League Soccer stadium next to Marlins Park. Finally. A combination of factors may have led to this decision, a bold change of heart from an earlier stance against the locale. The factors include including the lack of other suitable and available sites, a looming MLS-imposed deadline, and hopefully the realization of the potential of the Marlins Park site for plopping down a new stadium and entertainment district. Shooting a new Metromover or light rail line over there wouldn't be too hard. A rerouting of 17th Avenue would not be needed. The original plans for Marlins Park even called for a soccer stadium, according to the Miami Herald, so the real estate is already pretty much there too. In other news it looks like the University of Miami will not be a partner in the new stadium, although the two sides are still sort of talking, so there's that.
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University Of Miami

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