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Big Wynwood Rezone Up for Big Vote, Woonerfs and All

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The Miami City Commission is scheduled to vote on the implementation of the Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District, a.k.a. the masterplan to guide Wynwood's urban development, this week. The plan is intended to preserve everything good about the neighborhood, including Wynwood's famous murals, while correcting many of the obsolete rules, as far as zoning, land use, streets, green space, and pedestrian accessibility that had previously governed the neighborhood during its industrial years. Included in that plan, created by design firm PlusUrbia and the Wynwood Business Improvement District: Woonerfs, Dutch-style pedestrian friendly streets without curbs that are made out of materials, like cobblestones, that encourage slow driving, and can be walled-off to cars on weekends. They're sort of like mewses, which are really cute little alleys that people live on and another thing that Miami doesn't have.

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