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Penthouse of Ilonabay, Named After Architect Chad Oppenheim's Wife, on the Market for $4 Million

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Architect Chad Oppenheim likes to build condos in Miami Beach and name them after his wife. First there was his breakout building, the Ilona, then came the Ilonabay, the penthouse of which is now on the market for $3.99 million. It's hard to believe this three-story place, which looks absolutely massive, is 'only' 5,000 square feet, with most of that taken up by a 3,000 square foot double-height living room. A jumbo terrace on one side of the living room is matched by a nice, big courtyard on the other, and it's all topped by a 4,000 square foot private roofdeck that covers the entire top of the building and has a surprisingly large pool. The whole shebang is coated in Oppenheim's signature matte white stucco, everywhere.

· 1577 Bay Road PH 401 [Zillow]