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This Coconut Grove House was Built into the Natural Jungle

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Photos courtesy Shulman + Associates/Emilio Collavino

This house in Coconut Grove's Camp Biscayne enclave designed by Shulman + Associates, that was just featured by Dwell Magazine, celebrates the wild subtropical muckiness of Miami's natural hammock and a big sinkhole, ahem, 'solution hole' in the middle of the site, without actually making you literally touch that muck at all. "It didn't seem like the kind of landscape you wanted to go trudging through with your boots, but one that you wanted to observe with detachment," Allan Shulman told Dwell. In other words, it's an outdoor house for indoor types. By floating a glass living room over the hole, and snaking boardwalks around it "We were trying to emphasize how precious the landscape is." Like the best zoos, here the humans are constrained, while the natural environment runs free, or as free as possible, while on the other side of the long, thin house a much more 'inhabitable' backyard exists with a pool, grass, and barbecue area. Gotta have the barbecue area.

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