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Related Launches Hyde Beach House Tower, Which is Not Beachfront, but Close

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The Related Group has launched yet another condo tower at its Hollywood/Hallandale Beach, city-line-boarder straddling compound that so far includes Apogee Beach, Hyde Resort & Residences, Beachwalk, and the Hyde Beach Club. This one's the called Hyde Beach House, and it's on the Intracoastal Waterway, across Collins Avenue from the other Hyde stuff and the beach but at least closer to the beach than Beachwalk, where that eponymous walk includes a hike over a bridge.

The 44 story tower will have 77 condos and 265 'resort units.' Prices are in the $400,000s to $1,000,000. It's a collaboration with SBE Group, thus the Hyde name. Residents will have access to the beach club across the street and they can opt out of the building's rental pool and just rent their units out on their own if they want, so there's that. Renderings show multiple pools, boat dockage, an outdoor movie screen on a very nice looking lawn, and some sort of rooftop thingamajig that could be a penthouse but looks like it's probably something more public, like a rooftop restaurant. The renderings also make it look tall, which it will be, but way taller than everything else, which it won't. No, it won't be surrounded by a park, or just have little miniature buildings around it, or even little ghost-like outlines that make the beach look haunted. It will be in a canyon of condo towers. Duh.