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Renzo Piano's Luxury North Beach Tower Has a Name and It is Eighty Seven Park, not Biltmore Terrace

Hold the phone Joan, the luxury residential building that Renzo Piano is designing for the Terra Group in North Beach has a name, and it's Eighty Seven Park, because it's on Eighty Seventh Street and has a park on one side. Of course usually when a building has a name like that it's because that building is on a street called Park, with the word 'Avenue' not far behind. This spices that up a little bit while also emphasizing the fact that the building does have a large park right next door while still doing that minimalist "Hey the name of this building is just its address" thing. So, all's good in the naming department although the project name is nothing like what preceded it, the Biltmore Terrace Hotel. Meanwhile, the project's teaser website has a rather good video with Piano extolling on his inspiration for the project and playing with a model. That model shows an as-yet-unrevealed expansion across Collins Avenue.

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