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One of Palm Beach's Old School Cottages is $2.75 Million

Except for the pioneer outposts that existed before the railroad came, the earliest archetype of a private home in Palm Beach was the cottage. Built by wealthy Gilded Age northerners who wanted a place that was a little more permanent than a hotel room at The Royal Poinciana or The Breakers, these at first were much more cottage-like than the giant 'cottages' the Vanderbilts and others built at Newport. Of course the mansions of Palm Beach would soon reach vast sizes, but the early cottages looked like this, a classic little number built in 1920 that has a main house and two car garage with guest apartment on top. It's tiny, at only 2,440 square feet for both buildings, but absolutely adorable, and on the market for $2.795 million.

· 357 Seabreeze Avenue [Zillow]