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And Now, (Mostly) Art Deco Postcards of Old Miami Beach

Postcards are like renderings for places that already exist. They show a building, condo tower, hotel, restaurant, street, not as they exist or will exist, but as we want them to be. Just like the Related Group's Hyde Beach House is shown in one rendering with a completely and utterly mythical jungle surrounding it, so many old postcards are of long, skinny buildings with elaborate front facades and wide, plain sides walls facing very inviting grassy, palm-shaded gardens bursting with flower beds. In all these cases, buildings and asphalt are right next door. Anywho, with that said, these postcards are still beautiful, and they're great images of Miami Beach art deco, along with a few other random cards thrown in to spice things up. Here are thirty four vintage postcards showing Miami in the glamour of an earlier era.

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