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Flamingo Dr. Med Revival House is a Little bit Baroque, a Little bit Rococo for $4.5 Million

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This spectacular Mediterranean Revival house on Flamingo Drive isn't a massively scaled old world palazzo decorated with minimalist restraint that appears to put historic style in cheque whenever the house isn't just a pile of white boxes. It kept its effervescence, with Baroque and Rococo touches, and maybe even a little bit of Vienna thrown in, while still being a comfortable but not enormous 4,700 square feet. For $4.5 million the Intracoastal-fronting old-world mansion, because that is what this is, is classy and full of beautiful things including the furniture (which it probably doesn't come with) and fixtures, wallpaper, vaulted and coffered ceilings throughout, original bathrooms, and chandeliers. (which it probably does)

The kitchen is, well, very sad. But that's easily changed and the rest of the house has beautiful original tile (very possibly Cuban) floors, copious wrought iron, exposed wooden beams, archways, a stately mantlepiece, wonderfully curvaceous baroque stucco work around the front door, and the pièce de résistance, a magnificently sweeping grand staircase that descends into the circular, double height entrance hall like a ball gown's sweep to a Viennese waltz.

· 3329 Flamingo Drive, Miami Beach [Zillow]