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This is How SoLe Mia Will Have Giant, Clear, Swimmable Lakes

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SoLe Mia, the 183 acre, $4 billion megaproject that the Soffer and LeFrak families are building in North Miami will have two artificial turquoise lagoons that are ten acres each and are completely clear and completely swimmable, with beaches. Circled by residential high-rises, the lakes will also be usable by motor-less watercraft and will turn inland luxury condos into waterfront property. The lagoons will be able to do all of this because they will actually be environmentally friendly swimming pools.

Not that that's a bad thing, of course, but considering the scale of these things and how they're meant to mimic natural bodies of water, 'pool' is a word that everyone involved tends to avoid. But they are pools. The technology for these pools has already been mastered in the largest pool in the world, at the San Alfanso Del Mar Resort in Chile, says the Daily Business Review. Located on a choppy Chilean beach, the resort owner wanted a placid swimming environment for his guests and literally invented a filtration system to create a duplicate beach and ocean right next to the real one. Now the pool company, called Crystal Lagoons, installs its giant 'lagoons' all over the world, two of which are coming to SoLe Mia.

Intended for vast pools like these, the system uses few chemicals, depending on the intended pool's particular situation, uses recirculated water, has a liner at the bottom to keep outside elements out, is very clear, and free of marine life. Although renderings of SoLe Mia and photos of existing pools in other places appear to show sandy beaches, it is unclear if that sand actually continues into the pool. It is also high tech. According to their website FAQ, Crystal Lagoons has a central 'control center' where all of their pools are operated remotely. Seriously.

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