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Nike Missile Site Built to Stop Cuba is Being Demolished Now

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Photos courtesy Abandoned Florida/Bullet

Abandoned Florida, an urban exploration website helmed by the anonymously named Bullet (being an urban explorer, one often has to be anonymous) reports that they have heard that the Nike Missile IFC Site HM-95, D Battery, just off Krome Avenue, is set to be demolished soon. In fact, demolition crews are already at the site. The base, built in 1965 and decommissioned in 1979, was one of over 200 bases for the U.S. Army's Project Nike, the United State's first operational anti-aircraft missile system and was specifically built in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Reused by the CIA, as a Haitian refuge camp, and for other uses since, it was abandoned after being damaged in Hurricane Andrew. The demo may have something to do with the widening of Krome Avenue from Okeechobee Road to Homestead. Bullet took these photos of the base in 2014, along with others that will appear in his upcoming book Lost Miami.

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