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The New River's 'Little Florida' Pricechopped to $3.498 Million

Fort Lauderdale's Little Florida, a house on a peninsula of palm-tree-covered land jutting far into the Little River, has been pricechopped by a half a million dollars in the time since Curbed Miami last covered it seven months ago. The peninsula is called Little Florida because, well, it's shaped like Florida in reverse and sideways. The peninsula is oriented east-west while Florida is north-south, and the bit of land that would be the Florida panhandle, where the house is located, is on the opposite side of Florida's when looking top down. Now listed at $3.489 million by DND Associates, an affiliate of One Sotheby's, Little Florida has a whopping 653 feet (approximately) of river frontage, which may be why it's kind of a hard sell. Seawalls aren't cheap.

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