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FIU Students Trying to Build Bullet Train to Miami Beach

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A group of students mainly from FIU, but also UM, and Miami-Dade College are trying to bring a maglev train to Miami, an idea that would be pretty incredible if and when it actually got built. Maglevs are superfast 'bullet trains' that levitate on magnets and already exist in China and Japan. The High Speed Rail America Club, headed by brothers Darius and Demetrius Villa and friend Aleksandr Khalfin, have proposed a route from FIU's main campus to South Beach, and say they are talking to All Aboard Florida, Texas Central Railway, and American Maglev Technology on the project, according to Rise: Miami News.

Although, considering all of the issues Miami has had lately with more modest rail transit proposals like BayLink, the project may seam a little improbable, it's already being done in Orlando. A 13 mile, $400 million system will link Orlando International Airport with the Orange County Convention Center. Seriously, Orlando.
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