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Partridge Family Teenage Heartthrob's House to be Auctioned

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David Cassidy, who played the eldest son, dreamy heartthrob Keith, in the 1970s musical TV thing The Partridge Family, is sadly very in debt and getting divorced and auctioning off his own family home in Fort Lauderdale Beach. The five bedroom, five bath, 7,000 square foot waterfront house is listed on the market for $3.95 million but will be auctioned Wednesday September 9th at 11 AM by the same company that auctioned off the Versace Mansion, along with all of its furnishings and could go for less. Cassidy told the Associated Press that he hopes the next owner takes care of his prized bougainvillea tree out back by the pool, which he estimates is 50 years old. "I put so much time and love and energy into this." New owner, whoever you are, please take care of that bougainvillea, please.

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