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Fowl Play for Hialeah Park's Famous Flock of Flamingos

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Hialeah Park Race Track just can't get a break. The track is known for three big things: (1) its architectural, historical, and natural beauty, (2) a strong history of mighty thoroughbred racing and the glamorous high society that surrounded it, and (3) its iconic flock of flamingos who have nested and flourished in the track's infield lake since they were imported from Cuba in 1934, a sight so magnificently pink and alive they can upstage the horses. The thoroughbreds are long gone (quarter horses run there now), the architecture has seen much better days, and now an entire generation of flamingos is gone. Only weeks after hatching, dozens of newborns are M.I.A., likely by theft, reports the Miami Herald. The track is, naturally, "devastated" by the loss.

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