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This Judgy Miami Map Will Offend Pretty Much Everyone

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Our pals across the Curbediverse have ebulliently posted very politically incorrect maps, called Judgmental Maps, on their own cities, like New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Fransisco over the past year, without Miami. Finally, however, a Judgmental Map of Miami has surfaced, making the rounds on Facebook and other social media with no credited author. As of this morning, it has not appeared on, the official Tumblr page, but the map has still packed in plenty to offend.

The entire island chain of Miami Beach is disparaged against for either being 'Rich Jews' or 'Latin Jews', or tourists. Key Biscayne is 'Really Rich People and Famous Latin Superstars.' 'Rick Ross' is right next to 'Black Folks' and 'Da Hood.' Pinecrest is 'Filthy Rich People,' slightly below 'Old Money and Rich White People,' which is closer to the rarified enclaves of Cocoplum, Gables Estates, Journeys End, the Moorings, Etc., the desolate expanses between the Urban Development Boundary and the Everglades get an always impressive 'Shady Shit Goes Down Here,' followed by 'Seminole Indians Gambling' further to the west, right below 'Dead Bodies and Felons Absconding from the Law.' Anybody offended yet?
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