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Subtropical Mod House is 'California Contemporary' for $3M

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Here's a nice, beautiful Fort Lauderdale house with a big pool and golf course views and an interior full of the kind of furniture and decorative knick-knacks with palm tree motifs that you see a lot in chain hotel lobbies. On the market for $3 million, sure it would be a nice place to live, but what was it like originally? How much Floridian midcentury modernism from its construction in 1963 had to be stripped away from those bones to make it generic enough that the broker proudly proclaimed it 'California Contemporary?' California, really?Terrazzo floors? More wood? Jalousie windows? Fabulous retro bathrooms? The sexy, subtropical lines of the exterior thankfully remain, but except for the staircase the interior looks like the public rooms of a hotel in Orlando.

· 2700 NE 40th Street [Zillow]