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Downtown Getting a Yotel, Possibly with a Luggage Robot

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A Kuwaiti real estate company called AQARAT and Miami's Aria Development Group have submitted plans for a 45 story combo hotel and residential tower smack dab in the middle of Downtown. The hotel will be a Yotel Hotel, a funky chain known for its small but high-tech rooms (a fact which The Next Miami really appears to detest) and other futuristic, if slightly eclectic gadgetry. Oh, and a robot that stores your luggage in New York called the Yobot. Although the developers submitted plans for the tower to the City of Miami, Curbed hasn't seen more than these renderings yet, so we don't know if Miami will get its own Yobot. But really, there's no reason we shouldn't. We have luggage too. The building will have 180 condo units, and 262 hotel rooms, as well as amenity decks on levels 11, 12, and 45.

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