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Moishe Mana's Early Downtown Miami Plans Are Lookin' Good

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In its mysterious, totally non-transparent way The Next Miami has scored an early video with renderings "produced by associates of Mana" of developer Moishe Mana's plans for his many properties in Downtown Miami focused around Flagler Street. What's revealed is obviously not a full look at the Mana plans but is still revealing of Mana's intentions for Phase I of the project, which he will implement over the next ten years. While not a radical disturbance or alteration of Downtown's urban fabric, the result looks really exciting. Mana appears to be emphasizing the many strong points of the existing Downtown, including density, walkability, a mixture of uses, Downtown's inherent beauty, and its historic character, while making big upgrades and improvements. For one thing, roof decks will be a big, big deal. Ground level retail and restaraunts will see major improvements. A Target Express, which is like an urban Target, could be coming.

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