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Hialeah Park is Restoring its Elegant Bougainvillea Arches, then Throwing off the Symmetry with a Clock Tower

As restoration and renovation work continues at Hialeah Park Race Track, the track has dropped a slew of renderings showing what's coming next; a project for which the track just received a $30 million loan to undertake. In the current renderings, the bougainvillea arches are restored, gracefully dancing over the track's trio of grand staircases that are copies of the stair of a chateau in France (can anyone tell which one?), while new indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment areas are added. The track's Brass Rail Bar is being renovated. Under the bougainvillea, there will be a rather grand ADA-accessible ramp, which is kind of cool, as well as a clocktower that looks like it's hiding an elevator, which throws off the symmetry of the arches and totally mucks up their elegant repetition. Is there nowhere more discreet to hide an elevator shaft, or at least more symmetrical? In other news, there is still no word on where those poor flamingos have gotten to.

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