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Developer's Grand Plans for 'Midtown East' Are Really Boring

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After all that time and effort it took developer Alex Vadia to assemble the triangle of property east of Midtown Miami that included the old Chiquita Banana facility, he's in contract to sell it to a firm called AMLI Residential, which wants to erect 700 completely nondescript looking apartments on the site. TNM reports that the project, which is being designed by Zyscovich, will be a collection of 12-story rental apartment buildings, far below what zoning allows on the site, and 1,185 parking spaces, ten percent more than required. Renderings appear to show ground-floor retail, so that's good. Apparently city planners have already raised several concerns "including pedestrian access to Midtown", maybe consisting of a footbridge over the FEC tracks. "Looks like Doral" would be another very valid point, although city planners probably haven't said that, yet.

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Midtown East

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