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Merrick-Era Coral Rock House in Coral Gables Wants $2.39M

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Coral rock houses in Miami are like the prized wattle and daube domiciles of Medieval England. We're not building any more of them, authentically, yet the specimens that remain are prized for their materiality, their natural Floridian context, and their beauty. This $2.39 million house in Coral Gables, a close neighbor to the Gables' George Merrick House (another coral rock time capsule), is a shinning example, with a facade that looks like it grew out of the subtropical Miami earth, full of complicated surface textures and fossilized sea creatures. It also has a fabulous yard, fireplace, gracious front porch and living room, and a pool. And like much of the coral rock used in the Gables, it too might have come straight out of the Venetian Pool.

· 920 Coral Way [Zillow]