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Are Top-Heavy Condos Becoming a Thing in Miami?

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Elysee, the latest condo tower to be announced in Edgewater, is tall, skinny, and following a more extreme version of a mold set by Muse in Sunny Isles Beach, bigger on the top than on the bottom. Designed with a three-tiered plan, floor plates which contain two 3,412 square foot units (including balconies) on the lower levels, expand to two 4,689 square foot units (including balconies) at the top, according to plans released on The Next Miami. Not including, well, things that wouldn't be considered part of residential square footage, like emergency exit stairs, the topmost floors are approximately thirty percent larger.

Property Market Groups' Muse, on the other hand, has an upper full-floor penthouse that is about 8,400 square feet, and floor plates that get progressively smaller as they go down. The differences, however, are relegated to just the western balconies, which are about 1000 square feet at their narrowest to 1600 square feet at the top, and significantly lighter than enclosed space. The feeling of being on those balconies will, however, probably be even more extreme.

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