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French Company Bids for Beach 'Link' of BayLink, Hoping to Get the Rest Too

Alstom, a major French light rail company, has submitted a proposal to develop one third of the entire BayLink light rail connection from Miami to Miami Beach—the third that would run through the city of Miami Beach—with the hopes that this will make it a lot more likely to get the other two-thirds too. But that's sort of the government's plan too. BayLink has been chopped up into three parts that would be compatible and eventually merge under a single builder and operator as a workaround to Federal regulations that make the section that passes over the bay causeway itself far more complicated. Alstom's proposal would have the company pay the entire $148 million construction cost of almost five miles of tracks between 5th Street and the Convention Center, with the city paying them $1 million a month to operate it for 35 years.
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