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Historic Mayflower Hotel on Alton Road to Become an, um, 'Boutique Hospitality Concept'

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The historic Mediterranean Revival building on Alton Road and 17th Street with the Vespa dealership on the corner, which was originally known as the Mayflower Hotel and is now called the Variety Building and has been a studio apartment building since the '90s, is being "lightly renovated" and converted "back to its roots," into a "boutique hospitality concept." Two developers, Springhouse Partners and Forte Capital Management will upgrade all of the public spaces and the 70 units. A representative for the financier of the building, Mission Capital Advisors, was oddly reticent to call it a 'hotel' and changed the subject when we asked why he wasn't using the word 'hotel.' When completed, it should match very well with the hotel currently being constructed on the triangular lot right next door.
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