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Third New Hotel Coming to Triangle at Alton and 17th Street

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The triangular block bounded by Alton Road, 17th Street, and Dade Canal used to contain an empty lot, a studio apartment building, some shops, and a Boston Market. Now it has one hotel under construction, a second coming, some shops, and a Boston Market. Soon it could have two hotels, some shops, and a third hotel where the Boston Market is. According to two local activists who independently emailed Curbed, the Finvarbs, who are currently building a Marriott Residence Inn on the former empty lot, have submitted plans to the City of Miami Beach to build another hotel, which will have a restaurant as well, on the Boston Market site. Per usual, when somebody wants to build something on the beach, concerns over traffic have been raised, although a hotel does sound a whole lot nicer for a nice canal-fronting site than a Boston Market. The City Planning Board is apparently scheduled to discuss the plans at its September 30th meeting. The agenda for the meeting, which is over a month away, has not yet been posted online yet.
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