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Pair of Midrise Residential Towers Coming to West Shorecrest

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Architect Dean Lewis has designed a pair of midrise residential towers for a block west of Biscayne Boulevard just north of Biscayne Plaza, in Shorecrest. A tipster forwarded the plans, which were submitted to the City of Miami for zoning approval in July, showing an L-shaped midrise tower with roof gardens and reflecting pools on two levels along with a larger, S-shaped tower that would have a single, larger roof garden/reflecting pool situation on one level. Both towers would sit on an amenity deck-topped podium containing parking and ground-floor retail. The garage is faced in a skin of offices, and a ground-level pedestrian passage cuts through the block at the center of the project. It will replace a selection of modest apartment buildings, some of which are, sadly, rather cute and quaint. According to the submittal, the project is called the Wave of Shorecrest.

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