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Tudor-ish, Eclectic South Miami House Built in 1928 is $592K

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This historic South Miami house, built in 1928 in a lightly Tudor Revival style (as compared to this house for example) is either great just the way it is, or in need of a decent amount of renovating to make those old bones sing. The kitchen and baths have been redone, but there's still an old wall AC unit hanging off the side of the upstairs bedroom/loft-ish space, and half of the house gives the impression its leaning on the other half. Those stairs, meanwhile, are... cute? Just reduced by $38K after taking a breather from the market for a few months, this place wants $529,000. Good deal or is the price a bit grand?

· 6762 SW 57th Street [Zillow]
· Historic, restored Tudor in Miami Shores is $1.19 million [Curbed Miami]