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The Suspended Glass Pool at the Mansions at Acqualina is Really as Thrillingly Exhilarating as It Looks

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To be inside the glass-walled penthouse pool atop the almost-complete Mansions at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach is at first scary in a way that leaves a person gasping for air just a little bit. Then the adrenaline kicks in and you feel like a master of the universe, the type of person which the incredibly expensive penthouse was meant for all along. When completed, the pool will be lined with gold leaf tile and the protective plastic will be removed from the glass, exposing a view 47 floors up, which then will be magnified by the water. Curbed Miami got to check out the pool, and will have a full tour of the building with photog Raquel Zaldivar, but in the meantime imagine yourself floating, surrounded by water and gold, wearing a tiny little bathing suit, and looking straight down. Then click the link below. It's almost like you're flying.

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Mansions At Acqualina

17749 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida