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Former Ritz Carlton CEO Planning 40-Story Condo/Hotel at North Miami's Old School Jockey Club

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Back in the swinging 70s, North Miami's Jockey Club was one of a few private clubs/condo developments (along with the Palm Bay Club, the Cricket Club, etc.) that were the places to party in Miami. Now Horst Schulze, a former CEO of Ritz-Carlton, is planning a new 40 story condo/hotel tower on the site of the Jockey Club's old nightclub, which at some point was demolished and replaced with a lawn (the rest of the Jockey Club is still standing), reports to The Next Miami. The project will be named Apeiron.

It will have 240 residential units ranging in size from 1,500 to 4,000 square feet, 90 hotel rooms, health and wellness facilities, a pool, tennis courts etc. according to its website. It will also have a 38-slip 'megayacht deep-water marina' that looks like it is reutilizing the Jockey Club's old, abandoned marina which still has its pilings visibly sticking out of the water even though the docks are long gone. According to a rendering posted by a Spanish design firm Prompt Collective, which hasn't been confirmed as the building's actual design, Apeiron will consist of four glassy square-shaped prisms jutting out of the ground. TNM says the plans were submitted to Dade County yesterday for approval.
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