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After a Three-Martini Lunch, Pass Out in This Swinging Midcentury Mod Reno, for $2.95M

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A close look at this North Bay Road (also known as one of multiple streets in Miami that over the years have been called 'Millionaire's Row') house and you just might confuse this for Don Draper's Miami Beach pied-à-terre. With a nicely landscaped front yard, this beautifully preserved mid-century home, built in 1951, also has a great backyard complete with an outdoor kitchen, pool, and dining area.

Interior-wise, it's a flashy, updated version of a mid-century home but what else would you expect in Miami? There's 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, just over 3,000 square feet, lots of light, and is wisely inviting to the backyard. The "Heath porcelain tile" flooring makes for a unique entrance that is very Miami Mediterranean meets Miami mid-century. The interior decorator had quite the taste in furniture, especially in the living areas, which sadly isn't included. In terms of pricing, someone must have been smoking something when they decided to list this at $40,000,000 in 2013 because as far as 'oopsies' go, that's kind of a doozie—unless there's something we don't know about. Now, the price is at a more realistic $2.95 million (well, realistic for Miami's market).—Alexandra J Miller

UPDATE: According to the house's broker, Nelson Gonzalez: "The home that was at one point listed with me at $40M was the house across the street at 5800 N Bay Road (not 5801 N Bay Road) that I recently sold to Phil Collins for $33M."

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