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Scotty Evicted From Scotty's Landing, Beginning its Transformation Into This

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News broke in various outlets yesterday that the iconic Miami food & watering hole Scotty's Landing had been evicted from its Grove Key Marina site on Biscayne Bay. Then today those outlets dutifully turned out updates saying that no, Scotty's Landing would not be departing, but Scotty would. Scott Wessel, the namesake and proprietor was being evicted but the restaurant business itself which he already sold would remain, first under new management, then in a whole new building. Wessel sold off the brand to the new owners quite a while ago. As part of the new and much larger bayfront mall-type project called 'The Harbour,' full of restaurants, retail, and marina uses, Scotty's landing will technically live on indefinitely, but as a brand emblazened over what could potentially be a very different place. Renderings of the project, designed by Arquitectonica, show a significantly different place on the site of the new Scotty's.
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Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133