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Bernard Zyscovich, Public Space Challenge Winner, is Bringing a Big-M-Shaped Bus Stop to Bayside

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Zyscovich Architects has won $22,000 in the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge to bring fun, funky bus stations to key locations around Miami, beginning in front of Bayside Marketplace with an initial concept bus shelter shaped like a big M. according to the architect. Conveniently, Zyscovich is redesigning the dated mall, which makes it a perfect time to do this sort of a thing. The idea, called 'Top Them Off,' is that each bus shelter would be a unique fun little folly, designed for the comfort and convenience of bus riders that would also be designed consistantly with each neighborhood's style.

UPDATE: "MDC County Commissioner Xavier Suarez and city resident Ralph Rosado came up with Miami Foundation public space challenge idea and won the grant with their design by Zyscovich." according to a rep from Zyscovich. Sorry for the confusion.
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Bayside Marketplace

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida