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Classic, Restored A. B. Parker House Back on Market for $8.5M

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The last time this stunning, canal-fronting historic estate in Coral Gables designed by the seminal Alfred Browning Parker was on Curbed Miami was in 2013, when it was on the market for $12.5 million. Well, patience is a virtue, and two years later the house, unsold, is back on the market with a new $8.496 million price, a whopping $4 million reduction, and new listing photos.

At 9,448 square feet the house is very spacious, on an even more spacious 2 acre lot sandwiched between Granada Boulevard and two branches of the Coral Gables canal. The lot has a whopping 600 feet of water frontage. Back in 2013 Curbed pointed out that the house has a "vaulted two story living room, persiana doors, lots of beautiful wood, a pool, and looks to be in fantastic shape," all of which remains very true.

Readers, why do you think it hasn't sold? Do let us know in the comments.

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