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Moorish Revival New Build is Surprisingly Better Than Expected

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With wizened knowledge of just hard it seems to be for most contemporary architects to get Mediterranean Revival architecture right (Anything in Doral or Weston makes an excellent example) seeing that a large, waterfront Moorish Revival house—a niche subset of Med Revival in its owen right—which is listed for $7.9 million, was built in 2009 means there's a high risk the place is an unmitigated architectural disaster. Presented in big, beautiful, professional photography that really shows off the architecture, the house reveals that a mitigated disaster it is not. It is almost , dare we say, a modern day Moorish Revival masterpiece? Okay, maybe not, but the almost 10,000 square foot palazzo is still a pretty strong success. And do we spot Venetian design influences, inherited from Moorish Empire rule, throughout? It's listed for $7.9 million.

· 1840 S. Bayshore Lane [Zillow]