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City of Miami Finally Gets Off its Tuchus, Approves Bruce Berkowitz's Fairholme Capital Art Museum

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The City of Miami planning department has finally gotten its act together and approved Bruce Berkowitz's new Fairholme Capital headquarters and art museum for 2626 Biscayne Boulevard, after multiple design revisions and months and months of wrangling. The structure, which looks like a big anvil or concrete fortress, is designed around two seminal and world-renowned pieces of art by James Turrell and Richard Serra and, along with containing office space for Berkowitz's hedge fund and foundation, will contain a full-fledged art museum featuring his collection, open to the public."The last thing was to make sure we have the parking space dimensions correct, and that went well, so we should be done very soon," a Berkowitz told the Miami Herald. "Once that gets done, we finalize the building plans. And we get going."
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