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One Thousand Museum's Thrillingly Glass-Walled Rooftop Pool Could Quietly Lose its Glass Wall

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One Sotheby's, the official leasing agent of Zaha Hadid's One Thousand Museum condo tower, has dropped a few new renderings on its blog of the penthouse, two-level rooftop amenity area, and the lower pools on the amenity deck. Everything looks shiny and gorgeous, including a long blank wall on the lower level of the amenity area that looks like a hallway, with some wavy lighting slapped on the side. The thing is that that 'hallway' thing is supposed to be where the underwater glass walled rooftop pool is that everyone (buyers, press, Miami, the gobsmacked public) has been promised.

You would have been able to look out of the glass wall to the city skyline while underwater. According to this rendering, it looks like the pool is probably still there behind the wall, but instead of being a glass walled rooftop pool it will just be a regular walled rooftop pool. Of course, glass walled pools 60+ stories up are probably quite expensive and a little bit scary. The renderings on the project's website itself have not yet been updated.

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One Thousand Museum

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