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Miami's Average Rent Rose by $80 in 3 Months, in the Summer

The last time Curbed Miami published a Zumper National rent report, in May, Miami's average rent was $1800 a month. Now, according to the latest Zumper rent report, for August 2015, the average rent is $1880 a month. What's more, this $80 increase comes during Miami's traditional 'slow' season, the summer, when Miami is hot, sticky, and gross and rents should be at their lowest. In the slightly bigger picture, year over year, prices were up sharply, with one bedrooms increasing 10.6% and two bedrooms similarly up 10.9% since last year, and yet surging rental rates is not just a local thing. Miami hasn't changed its position since May as the 8th most expensive city in the country to rent.
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