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Skinny Waterfront Condo Tower 'Elysee' Coming to Edgewater

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The Next Miami spotted a tweet by broker Kinga Konsorska of Cervera Real Estate revealing the first rendering of a new, skinny condo tower coming to Edgewater called Elysee. They dug up some additional info. The 57-story project will only have one or two units per floor, for a total of 100 units, with prices beginning at $1.65 million each, and be designed by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. It will have a robotic parking garage as well as an 'automobile concierge.'

Up on the thirtieth floor will be a library/private theater, a 'great room' with grand piano, and a 'grand dining room' with seating for thirty along with a big commercial kitchen. A fitness center and spa along with rooms for kids and teens are on the seventh, and pools are on the lobby and seventh levels. Elysee is probably named after the Champs-Elysées, Paris's main boulevard, which in turn was named after the Elysian Fields of Greek Mythology, which is basically Ancient Greek heaven. So either this tall, skinny thing is meant to evoke a fabulous boulevard or a fabulous field, neither of which the building really is. The name is pretty though, and maybe that's all that matters.
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