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The Golden Girls Had Oh So Much Sex. Even Rose

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Miami's favorite women in their prime, The Golden Girls, really got it on. Gianni Versace can keep his giant group shower, these awesome Amazons could hold their own against the notorious sexual debauchery of the late-80s/early-90s South Beach scene any day. And they did, in that fabulous South Florida house of theirs, with its lanai, sunny living room, all that wicker furniture, and particularly Blanche's Martinique-wallpapered bedroom.

According to Refinery29 (h/t: Jezebel), which re-watched all 180 episodes of the classic TV show set in Miami, Sophia bagged 25 different menz, Rose had a healthy 30, Blanche got all hot and bothered with a very impressive 165 pieces of man meat, and Dorothy more than held her own with 43.
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