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Kennedy Winter White House Contents to be Sold at Auction

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The longtime Palm Beach home of Joseph P. Kennedy, famously known as the Kennedy Winter White House for its role as the winter vacation home of his son, John F. Kennedy, during his Presidency, contained much of the original furniture used by the Kennedy clan until it was sold last year for $31 million. The sellers, John and Marianne Castle, who meticulously restored and preserved the house and its contents after buying it from the Kennedys, held on to the furniture after the sale. The furniture, comprising almost 300 lots including the dining table and chairs where the Cuban Missile Crisis strategy was crafted and the twin Venetian beds in which the future President slept, will be sold off in an auction early next year at a West Palm Beach showroom. Meanwhile, the Kennedy Winter White House itself has probably been filled with someone else's junk.
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